Pitchfork Paris Preview

News - Published: 17 June 2012

A look ahead to the November festival as Simian, The Walkmen and The Tallest Man on Earth are added.

Despite the festival only going into its second year there was one thing we could always count on for Pitchfork’s triumphant Paris return, the line up would be top notch. In addition to the initial announcement last month which included the likes of Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, M83 and Sebastien Tellier, Pitchfork have just announced a further 9 acts who’ll be appearing (see below), and the festival is already threatening to blow Rock en Seine’s tenth anniversary in August out of the water.

However, there’s more to a modern day festival than the line up. For Pitchfork Paris to establish itself as one of Europe’s top flight festivals there will have to be some big changes. Firstly, the second stage which has been added this year, will have to be used effectively. Last year’s event was almost undone by its surprising lack of fluidity and rigid format. This may be something that proves a logistical nightmare within the confines of Grande Halle de la Villette, but will be vital nonetheless.

The Tallest Man on Earth 2012 Paris PitchforkSecondly, for a festival billing itself as an independent music festival it wasn’t great at promoting independent music, whilst it also found itself bogged down in sponsorship with the likes of American Apparel. Maybe a new music or an acoustic area for local acts would suffice but there has to be more effort. There are dozens of top notch independent music stores in Paris such as Ground Zero who should be invited to have their own stalls, something done regularly at Festival Mo’Fo at the Mains D’Oeuvres to great effect.

Finally, food. Every other festival in the world has quickly realised that this is now a massive part of the modern day festival and your average ticket holder will expect more than a frankly embarrassing hot dog stand. Festival goers now demand a bevy of culinary options from all over the world, vegan stands, churos et.c. Normally for a festival still in its infancy I would grant some leeway, but Pitchfork Paris is a name and an idea which will attract people from all over Europe if not the US and at over €120 for three days people will expect more than big names second time around.

Tickets are available online and here is the line up as it stands with around 30 more acts to be announced!

M83, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, The Walken, The Tallets Man on Earth in Paris for Pitchfork