La Maroquinerie – ‘We’ve got great friends’

Interviews, News - Published: 14 January 2013

Venue Manager Basile Rousseau reacts to La Maroq’ being named the best place to see live music in Paris for 2012.

La Maroquinerie, 23 Rue Boyer, 75020

La Maroquinerie, 23 Rue Boyer, 75020

Before Christmas we asked our readers to vote for their favourite Paris gig venues for 2012. Although it was a close run thing for those jostling to get into the top 5, the eventual winner was never in doubt, after more than 4,000 votes La Maroquinerie was crowned the cream of the crop.

We decided to track down La Maroquinerie’s Venue Manager Basile Rousseau to find out why he thought the venue was so popular with gig goers, he said: “We’re all very happy with the win, this year has been a great one for the venue, with some really good acts”. A big year for the venue was topped off by a sold out show by Foals who played one of La Maroquinerie’s final gigs of 2012, sporting a massive grin, Rousseau said it was the best he’s ever been to.

When asked why he thought they’d won the vote, Rousseau believes their success is down to a combination of La Maroquinerie being “the perfect sized venue” – holding about 500 people or so – “…the quality of the sound and the calibre of artists.” He continued: “It’s a small club with big artists, and importantly the artists take the time to see the audience after the show.”

With La Maroquinerie’s restaurant/bar at the back of the venue, pre and post-show mingling is easy, and there’s an intimacy to it which Rousseau thinks gets lost at bigger places. He also paid a tribute to their small corner of the 20eme, saying they’ve got great friends and neighbours with venues like La Bellevilloise next door.

Here’s a reminder of how the top 10 ended up:

1st – La Maroquinerie – 388 votes (9.47%)
2nd – Le Trabendo – 301 votes (7.34%)
3rd – Point Ephémère 273 votes (6.66%)
4th – Espace B 209 votes (5.10%)
5th – La Cigale 206 votes (5.03%)
6th – Le Trianon 192 votes (4.68%)
7th – La Fléche D’or 180 votes (4.39%)
8th – La Gaité Lyrique 161 votes (3.93%)
9th – Le Bataclan 156 votes (3.81)
10th – Glaz’art 151 votes (3.68%)