How the internet saw Pitchfork Paris 2012

Bootlegs, News - Published: 5 November 2012

We let the good people of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube tell the story of the weekend.

Rather than our usual review looking at the Pitchfork Paris festival’s winners and losers we’ve decided to let the Pitchfork Festival crowd and the artists who played tell the story of the weekend.

Pitchfork Paris entrance by Robin Pope

Steven Griffiths@stevenairship

Had a good old time at Pitchfork Festival in Paris last night but why oh why do Festivals in Europe use Tokens instead of regular €!

Joey Kavanagh@TheBubbleBoy

I would give PitchforkParis a 9.1, I think.


Lost: My shit Last known location: Pitchfork festival Paris around the time of Death Grips If found please return.

Animal Collective@TheRealAnCo

Pitchfork was awesome thank you Paris!!!


Last night two aliens landed in Paris to play alien music. The aliens called themselves Fuck Buttons


Well we lost half the soundsystem for a few tracks but never mind. That was serious fun.

@hipsterrunoff: R u doing everything #relevant this weekend?” if you’re not at pitchfork Paris, you aren’t relevant

Pitchfork Paris guests by Carlton Magazine

Pitchfork Paris line-up by Ian Young

Inside Pitchfork Paris by Bethan Smith


The Walkmen just rocked the ParisPitchfork festival

Fabien Jannic@FabienJ

Robyn was just fucking amazing at the pitchfork festival. Come back to Paris !

Maxwell Pawk@pawkdaddy

Fuck buttons stealing the show at pitchforkParis

Sam Gordon@SamGordon_Paris

The Tallest Man on Earth won our hearts. Bastard. #pitchfork


I’m a bad person. I hate Pitchfork but I’m going to the PitchforkParis afterparty tonight. if I see a reviewer punches may be thrown.

Owen Fairclough@OwenParis

Inspired #WildNothing at #Pitchfork#Paris, but anyone else think they got line up all wrong?

Grizzly Bear@grizzlybear

Merci Paris! @pitchforkmediaParis festival was beyond fun! What an audience! Eternally grateful! Xxxo (we all wanna relive it, too fun)


Thanks PitchforkParis that was great. Gonna go back to recording our album now.


Death Grips by Bernhard Grabner

Jessie Ware by Alvaro G Montolio

Grizzly Bear by Joy Yoon

Candelaria by Elodie Fagan

Robyn by Cecilia Wang

The amateur Pitchfork Paris Festival photo album