Hold Your Horses live at Storie

Bootlegs, News - Published: 24 May 2012

Ahead of the release of their second EP Hold Your Horses play an intimate show for their fans and our cameras

A few weeks ago we teamed up with a great little shop called Storie in the 6eme to put on a private show for some of the local band’s most loyal fans. Following the success of their first EP ‘Sorry! Household’ and debut music video 70 million’, which has been viewed millions of times across multiple media platforms, Hold Your Horses released their second E.P ‘Apologize’ at Nouveau Casino on Tuesday night. To mark the occasion we’re releasing their full set from our exclusive show for those of you who missed out.

Thanks for the video goes to Fiona Cameron, Ben Barnier, Catherine Villeminot, Jocelyn Vardey, Lola Constantini and Gabriel Mimouni for making this possible.